Three Extra Lives is a video game and trivia podcast for gamers on the move.

❤️ Focus on the stories that don't quite make the front page.
💚 Root for the indie game underdogs.
💙 Celebrate video games in a positive environment

Three Extra Lives is a fresh perspective on gaming. Without getting caught up in the drama of Triple A titles, day one DLC, or sensationalized video game "news," this show is quick and digestible. Episodes "Levels" run for around 15-20 minutes and includes relevant trivia to keep your mind sharp.

It's dangerous to go alone.... take Three Extra Lives instead!

Latest Episodes

Level 057: Getting Into Guild Wars, Dave-Man, Falling for Fall Guys

Getting your MMORPG fix in Guild Wars 2, Helping Dave Man get his coffee, and thoughts on the latest Battle Royale craze, Fall Guys! ❤️ Thom has been scratching...

Level 056: Dead By Daylight, SUPERHOT Story, Dark Room

Dead By Daylight is sure to give you a multiplayer scare, the successful journey of the SUPERHOT series, and point & click horror Dark Room ❤️ Thom has been hav...

Level 055: The Room, Kingdom Classic, Her Story

Solving the mysteries of The Room, building an empire from nothing in Kingdom Classic, and uncovering the truth in Her Story. ❤️ A mysterious invitation leads t...

Level 054: For Bilbo Baggins, Last of Us Accessibility, NES games in 3D

The Lord of the Rings Online community pays tribute to Sir Ian Holm, The Last of Us II is one of the most accessible games ever, and replay NES classics in 3D ❤...

Level 053: Taste of Winklebottom, Remembering Arcades, Carvallos Putting Challenge

Special preview demo of Lord Winklebottom Investigates is live, reminiscing about arcades, and somebody made Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge from The Simpsons ...

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